Our Team

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

As a mom and small business owner, this thought weighed me down for years. My schedule was full and I was exhausted.  
Even when I felt like I was keeping my head above water, I knew I was never giving my full attention to anything. I needed help, but I didn’t know where to find it or how to ask.

We are here to help.

Let us take care of some of the things, so you can truly care for the others.

– Christel Hyden, Founder and CEO

Meet our Team

Christel H.
Chief Errand Officer
Christel has lived in SOMA for over 15 years. She serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Managers for South Mountain YMCA, has organized meals and support for over 300 local families, and has fostered over 50 rescue dogs. She holds graduate degrees from Hunter College and Columbia University, and after 20 years as a consultant helping major universities and hospitals efficiently achieve their goals she's delighted to help local families do the same.
Meghan P.
Director of Operations
Meghan is a south Jersey mom, dog lover, and logistics whiz. She comes to Marigold after several years coordinating schedules and routes for over 100 school bus drivers, and is an expert at making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes!
Sara P.
Head Dog Lover
#1 dog walker Sara is also an avid supporter of animal rescues and shelters, and has collected and transported hundreds of pounds of food, linens, and other supplies to local humane societies.